Get on the local radar! We've got your local area covered.

There is a lack of high-quality advertising mechanisms that encourage local residents to priorities local businesses before considering purchases elsewhere. Unfortunately, the options available are not affordable for SMEs seeking to target local residents effectively.

We link print media with the online world, using the latest digital concept of dynamic QR codes.

By advertising on the LoveLocal platform, the following will be part of your package:

Truly cost effective, targeted local advertising

LoveLocal is an A4, 40-48 page publication, printed on high quality paper.

5 000 hard copies distributed at strategically selected drop-off points in your local community, displayed on wooden LoveLocal racks in high foot traffic areas.

The publication is available online for easy access and for residents to share with a friend.

Publications are bi-monthly, thereby increasing your advertising exposure.

We generate a QR code for your business that will direct clients to a URL link of your choice. Your dynamic QR code ensures you can change the content that it displays such as changing it from a URL to a video, to an updated brochure file, contact details, etc. This means, as your marketing campaigns change, so can the destination of your QR code.

Each edition is packed with events and other highlights in each area.

Categories include, but not limited to, Automotive, Food & Wine, Agri, Mining, Property, In en om die Huis, DIY, etc.

The rise of the QR code!

QR Codes are the ultimate tool to making your advert interactive like never before. All the adverts in the LoveLocal publications feature a QR code so that local residents can read more about your business online. You are not limited to text anymore, but can share a large amount of data and multimedia with customers by directing them to your location, to videos, to your contact details, website, social media and so much more!

Say hello to video

Now a days one of the primary ways in which people discover new products and offerings is through video. Reach our audience with videos created with photos and videos you already have, or by building an engaging video story. Your phone is your tool for making videos that tells your brand
story on a budget.

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