We're called local for a reason

In a world where people are bombarded with so much noise — marketing emails, ads, SMS, and an endless stream of content—we bring local service providers to residents to consider local purchasing before looking elsewhere.

How? By expanding your brand reach within your local community with a three-pronged advertising and marketing solution that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. This strategy includes: QR-Code short-form videos, and high-quality print exposure.

Short-form video content

People are no longer looking for high-quality, studio-produced ads, but rather relatable and authentic content. We create short, hard-hitting, low-cost, but high-quality video bites that generate better engagement between local businesses and local people. We then share them on our LoveLocal social media platforms, making the experience local people get from our advertisers, engaging and authentic, with content that resonates with them.

We have identified a significant gap in the advertising landscape: there is a lack of high-quality advertising mechanisms that encourage local residents to prioritize local businesses before considering purchases elsewhere. Unfortunately, the options available are not affordable for SMEs seeking to target local residents effectively.

The bi-monthly LoveLocal printed publication, allows local businesses to promote their services in a cost-effective, high-quality paper publication. It is pretty much a summary of all the video content we shared on social media, but in print.

• Format: A4

• Distribution: 5 000 copies

• Frequency: Bi-Monthly

The idea was born out of inspiration, combined with creativity to bring the first of its kind to you and local business owners—to link print media with online media in changing times, using the latest digital concept of dynamic QR codes.

QR Codes

We take our readers online through the generation of client-specific QR-codes that appear on every ad. QR-Codes are the way of the future and have seen more than 750% growth in use since the pandemic.

Through the simple task of scanning a business’s own unique QR-Code, either on the hardcopy LoveLocal edition, or following the hyperlinks on the digital edition, customers will be able to access information, locations and products available at businesses in their immediate area that are dynamic and can be edited and updated by the business owner whenever they choose.

You get to control what the link to the QR-code takes the customer to.

Use them to:

Share directions to your business

Create a virtual business card that will add your details to their phone when they scan the QR Code

Grow your social media following

Share more information about a campaign or launch online by directing people to a specific landing page

Generate an email to your business by automatically including the receiving email address

Generate a click-to-call by adding your business’s phone number automatically, and so much more.